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BOSS Management

“What does the “Advertising Fee” pay for?”

Care in creating appealing advertisement & flattering photography to achieve best response to internet advertising on all the major websites including but not limited to:

 “What’s the Leasing Fee for anyway?”

  • Responding to all advertisement enquiries by phone, email & in person
  • Conducting private and advertised viewings as required
  • Processing Applications - real estate, work & private reference checks from previous Landlords/Real Estate Agents
  • National Tenancy Database checks as required
  • Presentation of applications to owners by phone and/or email
  • Finding best tenant & negotiating top rental amount and conditions
  • Preparation of REIWA lease documentation including bond lodgement
  • Lease pack prepared for ingoing tenant, includes: BOSS Tenant Hand Book, Information for Tenant
  • Education of ingoing tenant as to legal responsibilities & BOSS expectations
  • Collection & lodgement of bond, bond transfer to Bond Administrator
  • Preparation & handover of keys, property condition report & important property notes

 “Then what do you get for your Management Fee?”

  • Rent collection, receipting & banking – reconciled daily in 
  • Rental arrears control & resolution
  • Bond increases with all rent increases/adjustments as per current market levels
  • Trust account management of your funds & electronic transfers to your bank
  • Comprehensive Landlord statements by email or by post
  • Regular communication between Owners & Property Managers
  • Attending to communications with tenants
  • Attending to communications with trades persons
  • Replying to communications and queries in general
  • Invoicing of tenants & collection of utilities as required
  • Arranging maintenance & quotes as per Landlord instructions
  • Liaising with Insurance companies & Strata companies as required
  • Issuing of legal notices as required 
  • Receipt of legal notices as required eg. tenant notice to vacate
  • Safeguarding Landlord by ensuring your property is compliant with the Residential Tenancies Act eg. Electrical Safety Certificates, Security Doors & Window Locks Legislation
  • Recommendations to ensure your property is compliant with Safety Regulations eg. Safety & blind chords, RCDs & Smoke Alarms maintenance
  • Annual ESC may be booked in at no extra charge (owners only pay cost of electrician)

“What’s the purpose of Routine Inspections & what do they include?”

The purpose of routine inspections is to protect your property by checking it is being cared for, free from damage and/or excessive wear & tear.  
  • 1st Inspection 8 weeks after lease commences then every 3 months thereafter
  • Notices emailed and/or posted to tenants 7-14 days prior to inspection
  • Verbal or written confirmation of inspection with tenant or reschedule if requested
  • Full comprehensive reports emailed to Owners including photos, comments, recommendations & maintenance requests
  • Property Managers discretion as to whether or not email reports to Tenants
  • Follow up maintenance/repairs from inspection as required
  • Re-inspections conducted if inspections are not up to our high standards (tenants chargeable)

“What is a Rent Review?”

A rent review is an opportunity for an owner to review the rental market to decide whether or not to increase/adjust the rent within a lease term.
  • Rent reviews must be included in the lease or the rent cannot be reviewed during a fixed lease term
  • Reviews to increase cannot be prior to a 6 month period
  • Notice in writing is required as per the Residential Tenancies Act
  • Increase of bond and new bond lodgement to bond administrator
  • Changes updated in database & electronic records saved to server

“Your tenant wants to renew their lease – what now?”

We will always endeavour to negotiate a renewal of an existing lease to maintain stability and minimise vacancy for our Landlords
  • With your approval we approach your tenants to renew their existing leases
  • Your Property Manager will seek your instructions as to the terms of the renewal including rental amount, lease term, rent review options & any other conditions
  • CMA’s (Comparative Market Analysis) may be emailed to Owners to assist in making an educated decision as to the current market
  • Negotiations with tenants to confirm new terms moving forward
  • Increase of bond and new bond lodgement to bond administrator
  • Preparation of new lease to tenants fully signed & a copy sent to you for your records
  • Changes updated in database & electronic records saved to server

“When your tenant vacates - What’s involved in a Final Bond Inspection?”

The Final Bond is one of the most important jobs your Property Manager conducts to ensure your property is maintained to the highest of standards.
  • Tenants are invited to attend the Final Bond inspection with your Property Manager
  • Your Property Manager uses the ingoing Property Condition Report to prepare Final Bond Report to tenants within 14 days of vacating
  • Liaise with Tenants as to end of lease requirements
  • Liaise with Landlords as to recommendations at end of lease
  • Handle end of lease bond disputes & resolve as required
  • Ensure property is commercially cleaned to standard including steam cleaning of carpets and/or furniture as required, gardens are maintained, pet properties are fumigated as required
  • Disposal of bond from bond administrator to Tenant or to Landlord
  • Receipt of bond in to trust account to reimburse Landlord as required or refund to tenant 
  • If disputes are unable to be resolved, progress to Court as instructed by our Landlord

“What else does my agent need before they can manage my property?”

The items below are legislative requirements and charged “at cost” – No admin fee payable
  • Title Search from Landgate $25.40
  • If strata property, strata plans $At Cost (may be provided by owner/strata company)
  • Property Condition Report (PCR) From $150 to $270 depending on size of property
    PCRs are a legislative requirement, this is a comprehensive report in a government regulated format and must be given to all new tenants at the time of moving in.  Tenants have an opportunity to amend reports within a time frame or if not returned, reports are considered accepted “as is” by a court of law.  This report is used at the end of the lease to assist with Final Bond Inspection & to ensure property is handed back in similar condition & taking into account fair, wear & tear
  • Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) – are your RCDs and Smoke Alarms compliant?
    Annual ESC co-ordinated by BOSS – Compliments of BOSS Real Estate
  • Identification – driver’s license & passport for all owners on the Certificate of Title

“What else do I need to take into consideration?”

  • Do I have Landlords Insurance?
  • Is my Building Insurance in place & up to date?
  • Do I have loose blind chords that need hooks to ensure safety of my tenants?
  • Does my property comply with regulations regarding security doors & window locks?
  • Answer our Security Question to ensure we protect you from online electronic fraud.


  • Inventory Fees - Furnished properties incur inventory fees “at cost” – ingoing & outgoing
  • Insurance Claims 
  • Court Application & Attendance 
  • Meeting Attendance  
  • POSTAGE & PETTIES – postage, mail, paper, telephone calls 


  • Professional Photography
  • Street Front Signage
  • National Tenancy Database Checks
    Recommended if tenants have limited references
  • Payment of bills
  • Our accounts department will contact all parties to re-direct mail to BOSS and copies of any paid invoices are emailed and/or posted to Owners with monthly statements. Payment of Bills include your Municipal Rates, Water Rates, Strata Levies, Land Tax, Building & Landlords Insurance (optional)

What’s changed?  Major amendments to the Residential Tenancies Act 

The most recent changes to the Residential Tenancies Act mean Landlords & Real Estate Agents have even more responsibilities and legal requirements to ensure they comply with legislation.
Changes include, but are not limited to:
  • Electrical Safety Certificate Compliance within 2 weeks of Tenant moving in
  • New Smoke Alarm Types & Requirements since early 2017
  • Dead Locks on Doors & Windows
  • Mandatory Property Condition Reports – 2 copies to Tenants within 7 days of moving in
  • Mandatory Final Bond Inspection Reports to vacating Tenants
  • 2 Notices to Tenants for Routine Inspections
  • Bond Lodgements to the Bond Administrator Trust Account within 14 days of being received
  • All bond monies must be held in the Bond Administrator Trust Account
  • Prescribed Lease documentation
  • Prescribes Forms – notices, documentation & terminations
  • New stricter laws regarding emergency maintenance
  • Identity Checks – 100 point checks for all owners on the CT
  • The Privacy Act & personal information security -  keeping your information secure from cyber fraud
  • Strata Plans & House Rules 

Keep your property & your tenants safe

  • Blind Chords & Installation of Hooks
  • Emergency Maintenance and general maintenance requirements
  • Advice on how to ensure your property & your tenant are safe

When things do go bad?

  • Court procedures & correct termination process
  • Landlords Insurance 

It all starts with getting the right tenant…

  • Thorough reference checks & company checks
  • National Tenancy Database Checks
  • One on one interview as required
  • Zero tolerance arrears
  • Clear explanation of expectations moving forward

The BOSS Management System – Let us do it for you!